Ceramic Dispersion Plating Process

Author:  Yoshio Miyasaka, Aichi, Japan
Source:  US Patent 6,156,377
Doc ID:  2000021
Year of Publication:  2000
ABSTRACT Provided is a low-priced metal coating, treatment which causes less pollution, wherein the dispersion of ceramics and the forming of a metal coat are performed by blasting treatment; and a ceramic dispersion plating process making it possible to improve wear resistance, heat resistance and the like of a workpiece and the adhesion of the metal coat. When ceramic particles are ejected on the surface of a workpiece comprising a metal or a metal component by blasting, the workpiece is heated and softened so that the ceramic particles are dispersed inside the workpiece to form a dispersed layer. When a coating metal powder is further ejected thereon by blasting, the temperature of the dispersed layer rises in the same way so that elements in the composition of the coating metal powder diffuse and penetrate inside/on the surface of the dispersed layer to form a plating layer.

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