Influence of Shot Peening on Surface Integrity of Some Machined Aerospace Materials

Author:  W.P. Koster, L.R. Gatto & J.T. Cammett
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 14 / Issue 1, Spring 2000
Doc ID:  2000029
Year of Publication:  2000
Reprinted with permission from Proceedings of ICSP1. Editor: A. Niku-Lari ABSTRACT Variations in machining parameters that are employed in traditional as well as nontraditional metal cutting operations can have a profound effect on surface characteristics such as microstructure, residual stresses and surface sensitive mechanical properties, specifically fatigue and stress corrosion resistance. This paper presents the effects of shot peening, a commonly employed postmachining operation, on the surface sensitive properties of several aerospace materials.

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