Stabilizer for Motor Vehicle

Author:  T Muhr; L Schnaubelt, both of (DE)
Source:  US Patent 6,311,965 B1
Doc ID:  2001007
Year of Publication:  2001
Stabilizer (1) for motor vehicles which has a toroidal cross section, and which is formed of several stabilizer sections that, together, create a U-shape having a pair of U-legs (2) connected by a U-back (3) via arcuately shaped transitional shoulder areas (4). The stabilizer (1), as a pipe stabilizer, is able to withstand the required number of load cycles even under very high stress or enables even greater weight reduction under normal stresses, by important stabilizer sections having an increased strength as compared to other stabilizer sections by either dimensioning, and/or increasing the carbon content of an outer and/or inner surface layer of the stabilizer (1) by carburization, and also, optionally, by at least partially shot peening the inner surface, preferably at least in the transitional shoulder areas (4).

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