Towards Peen Forming Process Automation

Author:  Wustefeld, Linnemann, Kittel
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-8 Sept. 16-20, 2002 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Doc ID:  2002007
Year of Publication:  2002
Authors Frank Wustefeld, Wolfgang Linnemann, Stefan Kittel Kugelstrahlzentrum Aachen GmbH, Aachen, Germany Introduction The KSA - Kugelstrahlzentrum Aachen GmbH (Aachen Shot Peening Centre), a spin-off from Aachen Technical University, was founded in 1994. Its management has an approximately 25% share in the company, the majority of the shares being held by RAG Aktiengesellschaft in Essen, one of the twenty largest German concerns. The company's aim is to establish a new way of carrying out peening in the marketplace by moving away from the widespread trial and error approach, replacing it instead by really controlled shot peening with high-level process automation. Thereby, we prosecute an open policy in terms of full process data transparency and in this respect: our team of peen forming engineers, process engineers and automation specialists is available both on the spot to ensure the reliable performance of your process as well as for production work on a contract basis. The advantages of our process automation include high process reliability and quality with a high level of productivity and unlimited flexibility in design.

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