The Unsatisfactory Situation in Residual Stress Evaluation

Author:  Rudolf G. Bosshard
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-8 Sept. 16-20, 2002 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany
Doc ID:  2002009
Year of Publication:  2002
Author Rudolf G. Bosshard, ANVIL Developments, Volketswil Switzerland Abstract Shot peening and its measuring tool "Almen procedure" are chained together ever since. As the process of shot peening has been improved considerably and numerous variations have been developed in the past 60 years, no real effort can be noted on the measuring side, at least not for industrial application. Other possibilities such as X-ray diffraction, Barkhausen noise principle and others have not been able to meet industrial needs so far. Statistical process control tries to solve the problem from a different point of view. The creation of new residual stress evaluation methods is still a challenge to scientists. All people involved in shot peening, regardless of origin or tradition or commercial affiliation should feel free to raise new ideas. This for the reason to make shot peening more economical, more simple, more reliable and to expand this technology into the field of further industrial applications.

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