Shot Peening Method and Device Therefor

Author:  H. Takeda; K. Ohta; H. Rokutannda, Toyokawa
Source:  US Patent 6,449,998 B1
Doc ID:  2002073
Year of Publication:  2002
The present invention provides a method for a shot-peening processing that can process in one step and thus reduce operating costs and the cost of equipment while increasing the efficiency of the treatment in the peening processing while achieving a peening effect similar to the effect obtained by shot-peening processing a plural number of times, that is, deeply generating compressive residual stress far from the top surface while generating the peak value of the compressive residual stress on the top surface. This method is characterized by projecting, on a product to be subjected to peeening, shot in which two or threee kinds of particles, each having a different predetermined average particle diameter and having a predetermined average particle diameter ratio to one another, are combined in a predetermined weight ratio.

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