Mechanical Gauges for Quality Assurance of Laser Peening

Author:  A.H.Clauer, S.M.Toller, J.L.Dulaney, D.F.Lahrman
Source:  US Patent 6,483,578 B1
Doc ID:  2002074
Year of Publication:  2002
A method and apparatus for measuring the quality of a laser peening process, which includes a test element, a mount for the test element, wherein the test element is mounted at a preselected point in the anticipated path of a laser pulse, the laser pulse irradiates the test element, the deflection of the test element is measured in the direction substantially perpendicular and away from the impacted surface of the test element, and the deflection measurement is compared to a previously generated chart showing the relationship between characteristics of test elements and desired material properties.

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