Cut-Wire Type Ferrous Shot for Blasting and a Process of Using a Cut-Wire Type Ferrous Shot for Blasting

Author:  T Watanabe; S Murai; N Murai; Y Watanabe; Hattori
Source:  US Patent 6,394,881 B1
Doc ID:  2002080
Year of Publication:  2002
The present invention discloses a cut wire method of producing a ferrous shot and a cut-wire type ferrous shot for shot-blasting having a hardness of Hv 200 to 300 and a low work hardening ability. Further, the present invention describes a process of using a cut-wire type ferrous shots, comprising preparing the cut-wire type ferrous shots and a ferrous object and projecting the shots to the ferrous object to remove foreign material from the ferrous object.

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