Method of Fabricating Camshafts

Author:  GL Anderson; JC Kosco, both of St. Marys, PA
Source:  US Patent 6,473,964 B1
Doc ID:  2002085
Year of Publication:  2002
A method of attaching and adjusting first and second members includes providing a first member having an outer surface and a second member. The second member is affixed to the outer surface of the first member at a desired axial position along the length of the first member and in a desired angular orientation. Subsequent to affixing the second member to the first member, the shape and/or dimensions of the second member is adjusted by increasing the density of at least a region of the second member. The densification may be accomplished by, for example, a mechanical working technique such roller burnishing, coining, sizing, shot peening, or laser impacting. In one embodiment of the invention, the method may is adapted to the production of combustion engine camshafts from separately provided camshaft tubes and cam lobes.

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