Ceramic Coated Product, and Method for Forming the Ceramic Coated Product

Author:  Y. Miyasaka, Aichi (JP)
Source:  US Patent 6,482,467 B2
Doc ID:  2002090
Year of Publication:  2002
ABSTRACT Provided is a ceramic coated product and a coating for it, making it possible to improve corrosion resistance, wear resistance and the like of a material to be treated, and heighten aesthetically commerical value by a thin film forming or producing method using low-priced equipment. An ejection powder and a reactive ejecting gas are ejected onto a surface of a material to be treated comprising a metal product, a ceramic, or a mixture thereof. The ejection powder is heated on the surface of the material to be treated and then is reacted with the reactive ejecting gas. The resultant product is activation-absorbed onto the surface of the material to be treated and caused to diffuse and penetrate thereinto. Thus, a layer made of a nitride or other compounds is formed.

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