Curve Fitting for Shot Peening Data Analysis

Author:  David Kirk, Coventry University, UK
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 16 / Issue 1, Spring 2002
Doc ID:  2002139
Year of Publication:  2002
Introduction Data abounds in shot peening. We have Almen arc heights, peening times, sieve analyses, shot weightings, image analysis values, air pressure variations, shot flow rates, residual stress data, etc. Most of this data is valuable - it cost time and money to produce - and it can all be stored in a readily-accessible format. Data that simply appears during a controlled process - such as MagnaValve readings during peening - would not normally need to be stored for subsequent analysis. Almen arc heights, on the other hand, should be stored together with associated variables such as peening time, shot size, shot type, air pressure, stand-off distance, feed rate, etc. Commercial spreadsheets (such as Microsoft's Excel) are useful for limited data storage but a proper database programme (such as Microsoft's Access) is needed for large data storage procedures. Most data analysis programs can input data straight from either a spreadsheet or a database.

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