Test Strip Holder for Supporting Test Strips Measuring the Intensity of Shot Peening in Cavities

Author:  Erwin Baiker, Glattbrugg (CH)
Source:  US Patent 6,502,449 B1
Doc ID:  2003004
Year of Publication:  2003
A holder for mounting a test strip for measuring the intensity of shot peening in internal cavities includes a receptacle receiving any of multiple inserts configured to form a segment of an internal cavity of a component to be peened. The test strip defines the remainder of the cavity. The shot stream to be measured is introduce into the cavity, after which the test strip is removed and measured in the conventional manner. Accordingly, the intensity of peening in internal cavities may be measured with relative accuracy. By providing multiple inserts, intensity of peening in cavities of varying sizes may be measured by simply changing the insert.

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