Apparatus for Detecting Intensity of Shot Peening and Replacement Unit for the Apparatus

Author:  M.Yamamoto, H.Kaga, of Toyokawa
Source:  US Patent 6,640,596 B2
Doc ID:  2003010
Year of Publication:  2003
ABSTRACT An improved apparatus for detecting the intensity of shot peening by detecting at least one of the number of shot that have collided with the apparatus and the intensity of the colliding shot, comprising a box-like case having an opening at its top; a first resilient member disposed under the top of the case; a hollow supporting member resiliently supported in the case between the first resilient member and a second resilient member which is mounted in the case, the hollow supporting member including a third resilient member mounted therein; a shot collision propagating member supported by the hollow supporting member to close the opening of the top of the box-like case by way of the first resilient member, the shot collision propagating member producing and propagating an elastic wave when colliding with a shot; a transducer, for receiving the propagating elastic wave from the shot collision propagating member and converting the elastic wave to high frequency signals, disposed in the hollow supporting member and resiliently supported by the third resilient member such that a top surface of the transducer contacts a lower surface of the shot collision propagating member; and a cable passing through the hollow supporting member so as to be connected at one end to the transducer and to be connected at the other end to a measuring circuit.

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