Media Blasting Apparatus and Method to Prevent Gear Pitting

Author:  Michael J. Wern, Mokena, IL
Source:  US Patent 6,612,909 B2
Doc ID:  2003011
Year of Publication:  2003
ABSTRACT An improved method and apparatus for media blasting a workpiece 20 is described. The media blasting apparatus 10 of the present invention includes a media reclaim and recycle system 35, which reduces media wastage, advantageously improves peening of a workpiece 20 and provides better coverage of the workpiece surface. The media blasting apparatus 10 also includes a pressure chamber 90 for creating a media blast stream, a media metering valve 105 for controlling media flow rate and a powered part hold-down apparatus 130 for holding the workpiece 20 in a predetermined position during a blasting operation. The controlled media flow rate in combination with the powered hold down of the workpiece 20 ensures even and thorough peening of a workpiece surface.

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