Method and Apparatus for Controlling Shot-Peening Device

Author:  Masatosho Yamamoto; Hideaki Kaga
Source:  US Patent 6,694,789 B2
Doc ID:  2004001
Year of Publication:  2004
A system for shot peening that includes an enclosure in which are provided a workpiece W to be shot peened and a nozzle for projecting the shot particles. A memory stores data for maximizing the anticipated shot-peening intensity at the workpiece based on the predetermined conditions of the shot peening. Then a calculating circuitry determines the conditions of the shot peening to be carried out in the system to maximize an anticipated shot-peening intensity at the workpiece based on the stored data from the memory and the selected type of the shot-peening process to be applied to the workpiece before the shot particles have been actually projected. The nozzle is then actuated under the determined conditions such that it projects the shot particles and directs them onto the workpiece. The shot-peening intensity of the actually projected shot particles at the workpiece is measured by a measuring device. Then a calibration circuitry controls the mass-flow rate of the shot particles and the pressure or the flow rate of the compressed air to maximize the measured shot-peening intensity based on the stored data such that the nozzle projects the shot particles under the corrected and controlled conditions.

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