Actual and Predicted Shot Peening Indentations

Author:  Dr. David Kirk, Coventry University, U.K.
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 18 / Issue 3, Summer 2004
Doc ID:  2004055
Year of Publication:  2004
INTRODUCTION Shot peening involves the covering of components with indentations. Those indentations induce a surface layer of compressive residual stress that enhances component properties. Two parameters are of primary importance - they are the size of individual indentations (which governs the depth of the compressed surface layer) and the coverage by indentations (which is proportional to the indent size multiplied by both the rate of indent formation and the time of peening). Both of these primary parameters are proportional to the average size of the peening indentation. We should, therefore, know what factors affect the size of the indents that we are inducing.

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