Effects of Indent Ratio on Curvature and Deformation of Sheet and Strip

Author:  Dr. David Kirk, Coventry University, U.K.
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 18 / Issue 1, Winter 2004
Doc ID:  2004057
Year of Publication:  2004
INTRODUCTION Indent ratio in shot peening is the ratio of the indentation diameter, d, to the component thickness, T, see fig. 1. When the indent ratio is small, we get convex curvature of sheet and strip, for example with normal peening of Almen strips. Plastic deformation by the indentations is confined to a surface layer. When the indent ratio is large, we get concave curvature. Plastic deformation then occurs throughout the thickness of the material. At some intermediate indent ratio, the peened sheet or strip will have zero curvature.

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