Method and Apparatus for Producing Beneficial Stresses Around Apertures, and Improved Fatigue Life Products Made by the Method

Author:  Eric T. Easterbrook
Source:  US Patent 6,711,928
Doc ID:  2004058
Year of Publication:  2004
Metal coldworking tooling and a method of employing such tooling. The tooling is used to produce deformation in a workpiece, preferably via use of stress waves, to provide a selected beneficial residual stress profile in the workpiece, in order to provide high fatigue life structures in a minimum number of manufacturing steps. Preferably, action of an indenter causes propagation of stress waves to coldwork a workpiece, causing dimples in the workpiece. Preferably, the dimples are provided with a shape formed by application of a uniform pressure profile to the workpiece surface. By optimized use of the method, a relatively uniform beneficial residual stress profile is provided at both the surface and at the midplane apertures in a workpiece, so as to improve overall fatigue life. An improved indenter tool profile shape is described, having a smoothly curved indenter surface portion. Also, the use of a consumable lamina wafer technique provides the benefit of easy application of uniform stress profile to a workpiece.

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