Finite Element Analysis of Shot Peening -On the Form of a Single Dent-

Author:  N Hirai, K Tosha, E Rouhaud
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-9 (pg 82-87)
Doc ID:  2005055
Year of Publication:  2005
ABSTRACT This paper presents several analyses on a dent form produced by a single shot using finite-elements. A finite element model is discussed in order to clarify the influences of peening conditions and characteristics of material on the surface aspect, which is closely related to several shot-peening consequences on the mechanical part. An axi-symmetric, two-dimensional model has been used in this research. The analysis was carried out with a constitutive law for the material with a bilinear isotropic hardening. Shot peening was performed on a part constituted of a medium carbon steel by means of a centrifugal type machine; four shot velocities and four shot diameters were used. The following points are presented; (1) Finite element analysis method (FEM) is able to represent almost exactly dent forms, this FEM is thus suitable to study the characteristics of peened surfaces. (2) Dent size is influenced significantly by velocity, diameter and density of shot. (3) Dent form is influenced significantly by the yield stress of the shot, the yield stress and hardening slope of the material. (4) The value of the diameter ratio (diameter of pilled-up area / diameter of dent) reaches the saturated value of 2.5, and the value of depth ratio (pilled up height / depth of dent) reaches 0.2.

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