'Vacuum Blasting' An Innovative New Process For Metallic Coating Of Surfaces With A Shot / Powder Mixture

Author:  Gerard Pieper, Sigurd Ruhland
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-9 (pg 208-212)
Doc ID:  2005074
Year of Publication:  2005
ABSTRACT In the course of further technological development, a new field of application has opened up for the vacuum blasting technique developed for the cleaning of surfaces by GP innovation GmbH: the production of metallic coatings. In this process, the most diverse types of metallic powders, mixed with impact shot (balls) are blasted on to the surfaces in question instead of cleaning or abrasive blasting agents. This innovative technology has up to now achieved coating of steel surfaces with zinc, tin, copper, aluminium, and other metals, with absolutely no emissions. These coatings are built up by means of mechanical embedding, adhesion forces and micro-welding between the particles applied and with the surface to be coated. The unconsumed mixture of powder is vacuumed off immediately, separated from the air flow by means of a separator, and returned to the process. This is, therefore, a largely closed-circuit system. Such vacuum blast coating systems can be used in automated form in manufacturing and production facilties. Utilizations found for this new process include up to now the application of functional layers, separating and connecting layers, decorative coatings, anti-corrosion layers, etc..

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