Static and Dynamic Strain Ageing of Deep Rolled Plain Carbon Steel SAE 1045 for Optimized Fatigue Strength

Author:  Altenberger, Nikitin, Scholtes
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-9 (pg 253-260)
Doc ID:  2005094
Year of Publication:  2005
Combined mechanical and thermal surface treatments offer a great potential for fatigue life enhancement. In literature, shot peening at elevated temperature ("warm peening") is already established. In this study, we investigate the effect of high temperature deep rolling as well as of consecutive deep rolling and annealing on the fatigue behaviour and residual stress state of normalized plain carbon steel SAE 1045. For this purpose hysteresis measurements are performed. The results indicate that deep rolling at elevated temperatures may significantly enhance fatigue life and strength. Maximum fatigue lives and smallest plastic strain amplitudes in fully reversed push-pull cycling occurs at rolling temperatures of 350

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