Effect of Deep Rolling on the Fatigue Behavior of Under-, Peak- and Over-Aged AA6110 at Room Temperature

Author:  P. Juijerm, I. Altenberger, B. Scholtes
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-9 (pg 302-307)
Doc ID:  2005101
Year of Publication:  2005
ABSTRACT Cylindrical specimens of the age-hardened aluminium wrought alloy AA6110 (Al-Mg-Si-Cu) in different aging treatments (under-, peak- and over-aged) were deep rolled and cyclically deformed under stress control. The cyclic deformation behavior and s/n curves of deep rolled and polished AA6110 in under-, peak- and over-aged conditions have been investigated at room temperature. The properties of deep rolled regions, residual stresses and work hardening effects were characterized by X-ray diffraction methods. Depth profiles of residual stresses, full width at half maximum (FWHM) values of the X-ray diffraction peaks and microhardness near the surface of the deep rolled condition are presented. Residual stress relaxation at the surface was investigated during the fatigue test. Results of quasistatic tension tests of the non-surface treated specimens are given to characterize the heat treatment state.

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