Mechanical Surface Treatments on the High-Strength Wrought Magnesium Alloy AZ80

Author:  Zhang, Lindemann, Kiefer and Leyens
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-9 (pg 308-313)
Doc ID:  2005102
Year of Publication:  2005
ABSTRACT The influence of shot peening and roller burnishing on the fatigue performance of high-strength wrought magnesium alloy AZ80 has been investigated. Shot peening was conducted on smooth specimens by using different peening mediums (glass beads, Zirblast B30 and Zr-CeO2 (ZrO2 spherical particles stabilized by CeO2)) and different Almen intensities (0.04 - 0.40 mmN). Roller burnishing was performed under different rolling forces from 50 - 400 N. The results show that both shot peening and roller burnishing improve the fatigue life of AZ80 significantly. The improvement in fatigue strength by shot peening is in the range of 60-75% at optimum conditions for different peening mediums. Compared to shot peening, roller burnishing can more effectively enhance the fatigue strength of AZ80, the improvement in fatigue strength by roller burnishing is about 110% at the optimum condition.

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