Implant, and Method and System for Producing Such an Implant

Author:  Jan Hall, Stabbegatan (SE)
Source:  US Patent 2005/0260540A1
Doc ID:  2005139
Year of Publication:  2005
ABSTRACT In a method and system for producing an implant, the latter is designed with one or more surfaces extending in the longitudinal direction of the implant. Two or three production stages can be used. In one stage, either a topography with a long wave pattern is produced by means of culling work, or laser bombardment or further cutting work is used to produce a topography with an intermediate-length wave pattern. In addition, an oxidation process or shot-peening or etching is used to produce an outer layer. When using two of said production stages, said cutting work or said laser bombardment or further cutting work is followed by the oxidation process or the shot-peening or etching method. When using all three production stages, cutting work is followed by laser bombardment, or further cutting work, which in turn is followed for example by the oxidation process. The invention also relates to an implant which is produced using the method and is identified, ordered and produced using the system. The invention permits effective treatment of different implant situations.

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