Method for Controlling Residual Stress in Prosthetics

Author:  Phillip Martin Gibbs and Dave Wayne Schroeder
Source:  US Patent 6,911,100
Doc ID:  2005149
Year of Publication:  2005
A method for producing predetermined internal stresses in a prosthetic device for implantation. The method includes first determining internal stresses which are preferred in prosthetics to instill a particular strength and longevity to the prosthetic. In particular, internal stresses may be used to increase the strength of smaller prosthetic devices. Additionally, once the preferred internal stresses are determined, the internal stresses can be cold worked into subsequent prosthetic devices to instill the same characteristics. Once parts are manufactured, internal stresses can be measured to validate manufacturing process and serve as verification for quality control purposes. Producing prosthetic devices, including predetermined internal stresses through work hardening the prosthetic devices, is described.

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