2005 Shot Peeners of the Year

Author:  Shot Peening Staff
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 20 / Issue 1, Winter 2006
Doc ID:  2006007
Year of Publication:  2006
Congratulations to Marsha Tufft and Helmut Wohlfahrt, our 2005 Shot Peeners of the Year. Ms. Tufft was chosen in honor of the thesis she authored while working at GE. It is a very comprehensive investigation of effects and influences of shot peening titled: Development of a Fracture Mechanics/Threshold Behaviour Model to Assess the Effects of Competing Mechanisms Induced by Shot Peening on Cyclic Life of a Nickel-base Superalloy, Rene 88Dt. Prof. Dr. Wohlfahrt is a member of the International Scientific Committee on Shot Peening and has been a driving force in coordinating and guiding the growth of the triennial International Conferences on Shot Peening. The following biographies will highlight the achievements of these important contributors to both the scientific and industrial components of shot peening.

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