Media Transport Device Providing Stable Flow of Media

Author:  Jack Champaigne, Mishawaka, IN
Source:  US Patent 7,125,322 B1
Doc ID:  2006038
Year of Publication:  2006
ABSTRACT A media transport device for use in shot peening, blast cleaning, granite cutting, and similar applications transports media from a storage hopper to a workpiece. The media transport device includes a source of compressed air, a supply hose connecting the compressed air source to a mixing chamber, and a blast hose connecting the mixing chamber to a nozzle dispensing the media onto a workpiece. The mixing chamber defines a flow path for the compressed air between the supply hose and the blast hose and includes an inlet portion connected to the supply hose, an outlet portion connected to the blast hose, and a curved dispensing portion conveying media from the storage hopper into the flow path obliquely with respect to the flow path so that laminar flow through the mixing chamber is not substantially disturbed. The inlet portion is of sufficient length to assure laminar flow of compressed air through the mixing changer before the media is introduced into the flow stream, and the outlet portion includes a section tapering to a diameter substantially equal to the inner diameter of the blast hose.

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