Shot Peening of Springs-a Case Study

Author:  John Cammett
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 22 / Issue 1, Winter 2008
Doc ID:  2008002
Year of Publication:  2008
Acknowledgments: The investigation that formed the basis for this article was instigated by the author in cooperation with four organizations that participated in experimental efforts as follows: the leaf spring manufacturer (leaf spring peening and fatigue testing), Electronics Inc. (media inspections), Lambda Research Inc. (residual stress measurements, metallography and microscopy) and Progressive Technologies (experimental peening trails). The contributions of all involved are highly valued and appreciated by the author. Additionally, the author acknowledges the combined efforts of Dave Barkley and Kathy Levy, with The Shot Peener magazine, to enhance the figures and graphs of the article. INTRODUCTION This article presents the initial findings from a peening optimization study in which improvements in peening processing and the durability of leaf springs were the ultimate aims. The project has not been completed, but there are valuable lessons already and these are highlighted in this article.

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