Combination Of The Surface Mechanical Attrition Treatment (smat) And The Co-rolling Process For The Production Of A Nanostruc

Author:  L Waltz, D Retraint, A Roos, P Elier, J Lu
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-10 Tokyo, Japan 2008
Doc ID:  2008043
Year of Publication:  2008
ABSTRACT The purpose of the present work is to produce a 316L stainless steel nanostructured multilayer composite structure with high mechanical strength and acceptable ductility by assembling SMATed plates using the co-rolling process. First, the SMAT process is used to generate nanocrystalline layers on the elementary plates so that their mechanical properties are improved, after which they are assembled through hot co-rolling. In order to quantify the mechanical response of such a type of structure, tensile tests have been performed. In addition, sharp nanoindentation experiments have been carried out over the cross section of the samples in order to follow the local hardness evolution. Next, microscopy observations have been performed for establishing a correlation with the microstructure of the laminate and to analyse the fracture surface. Furthermore, the microstructural evolution during co-rolling as well as the deformation process has been studied. Key words: SMAT, Co-rolling, Nanocrystallization, Nanoindentation, Tensile tests.

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