Influence Of Fine Particle Bombarding On Surface Strength Of Carburized Steel Under Rolling Contact Condition

Author:  Yuji Ohue and Yuji Senno
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-10 Tokyo, Japan 2008
Doc ID:  2008071
Year of Publication:  2008
ABSTRACT In order to evaluate the influence of fine particle bombarding (FPB) process on the surface strength of the carburized steel, four kinds of test specimens, which are ascarburized, ground and FPBed ones, were fatigue tested using a ball-on-disk type testing machine under a constant loading, The results of the fatigue tests were discussed using the statistic analysis and the observations on the surface properties after the fatigue tests. From the test results, there was a good possibility that the FPB process after carburizing will be available for the purpose to increase the fatigue life by the improvement of the abnormal layer. The formation of the wear trace of the FPBed disk during the fatigue process was different from that of the as-carburized and ground disks and the FPB process might control the propagation of the fatigue crack due to flaking. Key Words: Rolling Fatigue Strength, Fine Particle Bombarding, Carburizing, Abnormal Layer, Weibull Distribution

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