Laser Shock Peening Of A Titanium Alloy: Influence Of Process Parameters

Author:  Cellard, Retraint, Rouhaud, Francois, Viguera-Sanc
Source:  Conf Proc: ICSP-10 Tokyo, Japan 2008
Doc ID:  2008105
Year of Publication:  2008
ABSTRACT An investigation of the influence of laser shock peening parameters on a titanium alloy was undertaken. The samples were provided by SNECMA and are made of a material representative of the alloys used in the aeronautic field: Ti-5Al-2Sn-2Zr-4Cr-4Mo (Ti-17). In order to quantify the effect of each process parameter, an experimental design has been carried out (Sado, 2000). It is based on a full factorial design with 4 factors and 2 levels for each factor: thickness of the sample, laser fluence, pulse duration and number of impacts. In addition, 7 additional experiments were carried out: 3 to characterize the repeatability of the process and the order of the effects (linear or not) and 4 to evaluate the limits of the process. Altogether, 23 samples have been laser shocked. Only two parameters are kept constant: the sample material (Ti-17) and the covering rate (102-103%). Six variables have been measured: the residual stress at the surface (

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