Size and Variability of Cast Steel Shot Particles

Author:  Dr. David Kirk
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 23 / Issue 1, Winter 2009
Doc ID:  2009005
Year of Publication:  2009
Academic Study Dr. David Kirk INTRODUCTION Size is probably the most important property of cast steel shot. It affects saturation intensity, coverage rate and depth of work-hardened layer. Any variability of shot size is therefore important. Specifications, such as SAE J444 and AMS 2431, nominate cast steel shot size in terms of sieving results. Hence we have nominal shot sizes based on sieve mesh spacing. Cast steel shot size can also be associated with the diameter of a sphere. That is convenient because (a) cast steel shot particles are approximately spherical and (b) a sphere is the only geometrical figure that has only one dimension. Association of a particle

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