Method for Protecting New/Used Engine Parts

Author:  T.Hollis,C.Williams,G.Prus,J.Sileo
Source:  US 2009/0004364A1
Doc ID:  2009017
Year of Publication:  2009
ABSTRACT New and used parts of gas and steam turbine engines are protected by imparting a controlled residual compressive stress to given portions of the part and then coated by a CVD or PVD process at low temperatures with layers of TiN or alloys thereof at alternate selective hard and less hardened levels. The protective treatment is particularly efficacious for airfoils of compressor blades/vanes of gas turbine engines and airfoils of airfoils and certain components of steam turbine engines. This method is targeted to reduce erosion, corrosion and stress-corrosion cracking in these parts.

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