Method for Producing Metallic Components, Particularly for Turbo Machines, Having Small Edge Radil, and Component Produced Th

Author:  T.Dautl, T.Peschke, A.Winkler
Source:  US 2009/0044406A1
Doc ID:  2009018
Year of Publication:  2009
ABSTRACT A method for producing metallic components, and metallic components produced by the method, particularly for turbo machines, having small edge radii, is disclosed. The method includes mechanical andor electrochemical machining of a component while producing a small edge radius and solidifying the small edge radius by ultrasonic shot peening. As a result of the method, the disadvantages of the prior art are avoided and a machine process that can be automated has beenprovided, the method permitting considerable savings of time and labor and leading to reproducible results.

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