Apparatus for Supplying Constant Amount of Abrasives

Author:  Keiji Mase, Ryoji Kikuchi
Source:  US 2009/0075569A1
Doc ID:  2009019
Year of Publication:  2009
ABSTRACT An apparatus for supplying a constant amount of abrasives that can accurately control the amount of the abrasives to be supplied to a blasting machine is provided. A horizontally rotating disc 20 is provided in an abrasive tank 10 so as to be embedded in the abrasives. An opening at one end l l a of an abrasive transport path 11 is formed so as to be close to or in contact with one surface of the disc 20, an opening at one end 12a of a supply channel 12 for transport air flow is formed so as to be close to or in contact with the other surface of the disc 20, and an abrasive retrieve section 5 is formed between the both openings. Furthermore, measuring holes 21 penetrating the disc 20 in the thickness direction are formed at regular intervals along a rotation orbit of the disc 20 passing through the retrieve section 5, and an introduction path 17 for compressed gas which is ejected to the abrasives disposed above the measuring holes 21 and outside the retrieve section 5 is provided.

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