Measuring Intensity of Shot Peening in areas with difficult Accessibilty

Author:  Bailey, Peter G and Burns, Gerrard Gilmary
Source:  US Patent 7,735,350 B2
Doc ID:  2010015
Year of Publication:  2010
Determining shot peening intensity by affixing a Almen test strip to a shot peening surface, removing the peened strip from the shot peening surface, measuring an arc height of the shot peened strip, and determining peening intensity on the surface from the measured arc height. The strip may be affixed with an adhesive such as rubber cement and may be a sub-size strip cut from a full size Almen strip. The arc heights of the sub-size strip may be correlated to arc heights of the standard strips. A sub-size strip may be affixed to and a full size standard strip may be mounted on a peening surface of a block and be simultaneously shot peened. Arc heights may be measured on a gage having support means for holding both strips.

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