Hali Diep Named 2012 Shot Peener of the Year

Author:  The Shot Peener Staff
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 27, Issue 1, Winter 2013
Doc ID:  2013008
Year of Publication:  2013
The Shot Peener magazine has named Hali Diep as the 2012 Shot Peener of the Year. Mr. Diep is an Associate Technical Fellow in Surface Enhancement/Shot Peening at Boeing Research and Technology. He has been with Boeing over 28 years and his fields of expertise include Surface Enhancement, Shot Peening, Laser Peening, Failure Analysis, Metal Processing, and Aluminum Heat Treating. He is the custodian of BAC specifications and Boeing’s design manual. In addition to his work at Boeing, Mr. Diep generously shares his expertise with other organizations. He serves as Vice-Chairman of the Aerospace Material Engineering Committee - Surface Enhancement (AMEC-SE) and is a member of the International Scientific Committee for Shot Peening. Mr. Diep worked on the local organizing committee for the Eleventh International Conference on Shot Peening in 2011 and contributed two research papers to the conference.

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