Method for Shot Peening and a Machine Therefor

Author:  Hiroaki Suzuki
Source:  US Patent 8,375,757 B2
Doc ID:  2013049
Year of Publication:  2013
A method for shot peening wherein the work is processed by being hit by shot materials that are shot by compressed air, and a machine for carrying out the method are provided. By the present invention the status of a work can be measured while the work is being processed. The requirements for maintaining and calibrating the sensor that is used for the measurement are reduced because the wear of the sensor is prevented. The method for shot peening is to process a work by shooting the shot materials with compressed air from a shooting nozzle against the work. The shooting nozzle is equipped with a transducer that detects elastic waves and transduces them to high-frequency electrical signals. The elastic waves are generated when the shot materials pass through the shooting nozzle. The characteristic values of the shot materials, which pass through the shooting nozzle, are measured and monitored based on the signals.

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