So You Think Almen Strip Coverage Is Important?

Author:  John Cammett - Consultant / Jeff Derda - Electronics Inc.
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 28, Issue 4, Fall 2014
Doc ID:  2014035
Year of Publication:  2014
Yes, it is, but only in a limited sense. Almen strip coverage is important in that it must be uniform because that is an implicit and necessary condition to ensure that intensity determination via a saturation curve will be correct. Otherwise, Almen strip coverage is unimportant! One of the authors, John Cammett, has published articles on the general subject of coverage in the two previous issues of this publication. The first article, The Time Paradox in Peening, dealt with the separate issues of Almen strip exposure time for intensity determination and part exposure time in the peening process. The second article, Are You Peening Too Much?, dealt with the desirability of peening to lower coverage values than is conventionally practiced, that is, 80% coverage instead of 100%. While having no intention of writing a third article on the subject, the authors decided to address specifically the issue of Almen strip coverage and its relationship to part peening coverage.

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