Shot Peening and Ball-Burnishing Effects in cp-Ti

Author:  H. Alkhazraji, M. Mhaede, M. Wollmann and L. Wagner
Source:  Conf Proc 2014: ICSP-12 Goslar, Germany (pgs.113-118)
Doc ID:  2014060
Year of Publication:  2014
The purpose of this work was to study the effect of surface treatment on fatigue properties of coarse and fine grained conditions in cp-Ti grade 1. The shot peening (SP) and ball burnishing (BB) induced changes in the surface and near-surface properties were evaluated by measurements of surface topography and micro-hardness-depth profile. The fatigue life of the coarse grained condition was markedly enhanced by shot peening and ball-burnishing. The 10⁷ cycles fatigue strength of the EP condition serving as reference was increased from 125 MPa to 260 and 300 MPa after SP and BB, respectively. In contrast, the fine grained condition exhibited a loss in fatigue strength after shot peening and ball-burnishing. Possible explanation for such differences in the response between the coarse and fine grained counterparts to shot peening and ball-burnishing are outlined in terms of differences in work-hardening capabilities.

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