A model for ultrasonic shot peening: optimization of chamber design in an industrial context

Author:  J. Badreddine, M. Micoulaut, S. Remy, E. Rouhaud, P. Renaud, F. Chateau, V. Desfontaine
Source:  Conf Proc 2014: ICSP-12 Goslar, Germany (pgs.370-375)
Doc ID:  2014105
Year of Publication:  2014
The paper presents a CAD-based model, developed specifically for Ultrasonic Shot Peening (USP). It allows simulating the shot dynamics (trajectories in the chamber and impacts on the peened sample) in industrial configurations. The model supports complex 3D geometries, rotating parts and employs efficient collision detection algorithms to achieve short computation times. The aim is to improve peening chamber designs and the choice of process parameters. Quantitative and visual feedbacks are given for the shot dynamics and the process control criteria (surface coverage, treatment homogeneity and intensity). A case study on a spur gear has been selected to test the model in an industrial configuration. The results show a high correlation between model predictions and experimental data.

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