Shot Peening Flow Rate Control

Author:  Champaigne, Jack; Ingram, Mark
Source:  US Patent 9,126,305 B2
Doc ID:  2015048
Year of Publication:  2015
A shot peening flow rate control that is useful for non-ferrous shot peening media. The control has an inlet for receiving media and an orifice through which the media may pass that is in communication with the inlet. A valve selectively blocks the orifice. The valve has a spindle that is guided for axial movement between an open and closed position. The closed position blocks the orifice and the open position places the spindle spaced from the orifice to allow media to flow through the orifice. A flow sensor has a deflectable member that extends into a flow path of media leaving the orifice. In response to increasing or decreasing flow of the media through the flow path the deflectable member will deflect more or less. A sensing device measures the deflection in the deflectable member and generates an electrical signal that varies in response to deflection in the deflectable member.

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