Dimple-Forming Burnishing Tool

Author:  Shinya Miyauchi; Tetsuya Suzuki; Masaru Futamura
Source:  US Patent 8,931,320
Doc ID:  2015050
Year of Publication:  2015
A dimple-forming burnishing tool allowing easy adjustment of a dimple shape is provided. The dimple-forming burnishing tool has a mandrel attached on a rear-end side thereof to a processing machine for rotation, and a cylindrical frame rotatably externally fitted on a tip side of the mandrel and holding a rolling element and a pressing element that are driven by rotation of the mandrel, for forming dimples in an inner surface of a workpiece by rotating the mandrel with the frame disposed inside the inner surface of the workpiece. In the dimple-forming burnishing tool, the mandrel includes a dimple adjusting mechanism. The dimple adjusting mechanism includes: a rolling element rotating portion causing the rolling element to rotate without moving in and out radially of the frame; and a pressing element in-and-out rotating portion causing the pressing element to rotate while moving in and out radially of the frame.

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