Machine for Blasting Abrasives

Author:  Yuji Kobayashi and Takeyoshi Nakata
Source:  US Patent 9,039,491
Doc ID:  2015054
Year of Publication:  2015
The object of the present invention is to provide a machine for blasting abrasives that has a simple structure and that solves the problem of abrasives falling when the door for the gateway for the work is opened or closed. The machine for blasting abrasives comprises a chamber for processing, a nozzle that is provided within the chamber for shooting the abrasives (shots) S onto the work , and a jig for holding the work W at a position facing the nozzle. A gateway with a door is formed in the ceiling of the chamber .The size of the gateway enables the work W to protrude from the chamber by means of the jig at a position corresponding to the jig that is linearly moving up and down. The door is provided within the chamber so as to seal the gateway by linearly moving up and down and so as to create a vacant plane on the gateway for passing the work by horizontally moving.

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