Method of Shot-Peening Treatment of Steel Product

Author:  Yuji Kobayashi
Source:  US Patent 9,056,386
Doc ID:  2015056
Year of Publication:  2015
The present invention aims to provide a method of shot-peening treatment that substantially improves the durability (particularly, heat check resistance) of the treated surface of the steel products in the process of treating by shot peening (hereafter, "SP") the surface of the steel product that is the work to be treated and that was treated by heat hardening. The SP treatment of the present invention that gives the SP treatment to the steel product that was heat-treated and that is a work to be treated comprises the first SP treatment that removes the compound layer (white layer) and a second SP treatment is carried out only to the products where it has been proved by the non-destructive inspection that the compound layers are removed by the first SP treatment.

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