Liquid Drop Peening Method and Apparatus Therefor

Author:  Robert A. Barth; Aaron T. Nardi; Tahany Ibrahim El Wardany; Daniel V. Viens
Source:  US Patent 9,115,417
Doc ID:  2015058
Year of Publication:  2015
A method for peening a surface of a material is disclosed. The method may include producing repeated, separated and high speed liquid drops and moving the liquid drops across the surface to be peened. The liquid drops are essentially free of air bubbles and the velocity of the liquid drops is at least 500 ft/sec. A peening apparatus to produce repeated, separated and high speed liquid drops is also disclosed. The apparatus may comprise a storage tank, a nozzle, a pump, an accumulator, a regulator and an actuator. The apparatus may control the volume and velocity of the produced liquid drops as well as the frequency of the liquid drop production.

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