System for Electromagnetic Pulse Surface Treatment

Author:  James R. Dydo and Sergei P. Yushanov
Source:  US Patent 9,125,243
Doc ID:  2015059
Year of Publication:  2015
A system and method for electromagnetic surface treatment of a work piece has an electromagnetic pulse generator and an electromagnetic pulse tool. The work piece has a working surface. A current pulse generated by the electromagnetic pulse generator travels through the tool producing an electromagnetic pulse. The electromagnetic pulse interacts with the working surface causing an indentation to form. A residual compressive stress layer is also formed. The indentation has a smooth and continuous topography that is described by an indentation perimeter, an indentation transition region, an indentation sidewall, an impact transition region, and an impact region. The method may also simultaneously, or subsequently, form a second indentation which overlaps with the indentation. An inter-indentation overlap region is formed when the indentations overlap. The inter-indentation overlap region is smooth and continuous. Multiple treated surfaces may easily be formed on the working surface of the work piece.

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