Surface Property Inspection Device and Surface Property Inspection Method

Author:  Yoshiyasu Makino
Source:  US Patent 9,157,892
Doc ID:  2015062
Year of Publication:  2015
To provide a surface property inspection device and surface property inspection method with which the surface treatment condition of treated material such as steel subjected to such surface treatments as shot-peening treatment or heat treatment, nitriding, and the like can be non-destructively and precisely inspected, and which offers a high degree of general purpose application. A surface property inspection device includes an AC power supply, an AC bridge circuit, and a judgement device, and the AC bridge circuit has a variable resistor with a variable split ratio y, a benchmark detector, and an inspection detector. In variable resistor setting step S1, the split ratio y of a variable resistor is adjusted and set so that the output from the AC bridge circuit is increased; after setting a frequency at which the output from the AC bridge circuit is maximized using a frequency setting step S2, in pass/fail judgment step S4, a benchmark sample S is brought into contact with the benchmark detector, the sample under inspection M is brought into contact with the inspection detector, and the output from the LPF and the threshold value set in the threshold value setting step S3 are compared and a pass/fail judgment is made of the surface condition of the sample under inspection M.

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