Shot-Treatment Apparatus

Author:  Masatoshi Yamamoto
Source:  US Patent 9,163,295
Doc ID:  2015063
Year of Publication:  2015
The present invention aims to provide a shot-treatment apparatus which allows a high throughput of workpieces with the least possible idle time while achieving a uniform shot-treatment effect on workpieces. The shot-treatment apparatus of the present invention has a rotatable main table located in the place where both a projection area to be projected upon by the shot from a projecting device and a non-projection area are included. A plurality of satellite tables for placing workpieces are rotatably mounted on the main table. Each satellite table has a driven shaft which is in parallel with a main shaft of the main table. The shot is projected from the projecting device against the workpiece that is placed on the satellite table. The workpiece that is placed on the satellite table is held down by a holding member of a holding assembly. Te holding member rotates along with the workpiece.

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