Blast Cleaning News: New Technology for Blast Equipment Keeps Abrasive Cleaner / TITAN Wheel Upgrade Cuts Blast Cycle Time at AVK Polska

Author:  Wheelabrator
Source:  The Shot Peener magazine, Vol 30, Issue 2, Spring 2016
Doc ID:  2016020
Year of Publication:  2016
Wheelabrator has developed a new technology for abrasive separators that addresses the issue of uneven abrasive distribution and residual sand in abrasive cycles of foundry blast equipment. The Abrasive Curtain Regulator (ACR), showcased at CastExpo 2016 in Minneapolis, ensures a full abrasive curtain is maintained at all times, which results in better cleaning of the abrasive as well as more consistent blast wheel performance. ------- AVK Polska, a manufacturer of valves for water, sewage systems, gas and industrial extinguishing systems in Poland, has reduced the time it takes them to blast clean vital components by around 30%. This significant reduction in cycle time at the company’s Pniewy operation has been achieved by upgrading existing hanger blast machines with Wheelabrator TITAN blast wheels.

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